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by Laurus Nobilis
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10 Strategies for Manipulation of People Through Media

Media Manipulation




People are often not aware of the influence of the media to their way of thinking. What are the basic mass media manipulation techniques used for brainwashing and mind programming of the masses?


Posted: Jan 2012

Despite the commonly accepted ideas of the modern age that claims that people are supposed to be equal, with the right for freedom and access to true information, it is the fact that the smaller part of the people is manipulating with the majority, by using a different approaches. 

This manipulation gives to the minority the position of power that provides them different kinds of benefits. The most common groups on power are government, but also multinational corporations, medias, and other groups or individuals. Writer Naom Chomsky conducted a research and brought up the 10 strategies that are used for manipulation of people through media.


Diverting the Attention

It is necessary to divert the attention of the public from important things to those unimportant. All it takes is to overload the minds of people with flood of irrelevant information, in order to prevent people from thinking. Without thinking people cannot acquire basic understanding of the world that they are living in.

Creation of Problems

This method is also called the "problem-react-solution". It is necessary to create the problem in order to make public react on it. Example: trigger the violence and broadcast it with intention that public accepts the freedom limitation, economical crisis, and destruction of socially rights.

Gradual Changes

In order to make public ready to adopt the changes it is necessary to serve it gradually, through months and years. Most of the changes can cause the resistance, in case that they are deployed suddenly. Instead, it is necessary to introduce them through the series of small steps. Therefore, the world is gradually changing, without awaking the consciousness about changes happening.


One of the methods of preparation of public to unpopular changes is to announce them a lot earlier, in advance. Therefore, people will not take the change as so drastic, since they had some time to adopt the idea about change, prior it happens.   

Use of Children Language

If you talk to mature people as if you are speaking to the kids, you are achieving two effects. The public is pushing back the criticism and message is taking deeper impact to the people. This approach is massively used during advertising.

Awaking the Emotion

Misuse of emotions is the classic technique that is used for causing of short circuit, during conscious thinking. Critic's though is replaced by emotional impulses ( fear, anger, etc. ). The use of emotional techniques is enabling the access to unconsciousness. This state of mind is enabling embedding of ideas, wishes, worries, fear or extortion. It is also possible to induce a certain behavioral types.

Naom Chomsky



The poor social classes should be disabled from accessing the knowledge about understanding of manipulation with their will and consent. The quality of the education should be as lower as possible, in order to keep the gap between education from upper and lower classes.

Magnification of Stupidity

People are often not aware of the influence of the media to their way of thinking. What are the basic mass media manipulation techniques used for brainwashing and mind programming of the masses?

The public should be encouraged to accept the mediocrity. It is necessary to persuade the public that it is desirable to be stupid, vulgar and untaught. At same time it is necessary to develop the resistance toward culture and science.

Creation of Guilt Feeling

It is necessary to persuade every individual that he is the only responsible to the own misfortune, caused by lack of knowledge, limited capabilities or lack of diligence. If the individual is uncertain, under valuated and burdened with the feeling of guilt, he/she will give up seeking for the real cause of own position and will take no rebellion against the system.

Abuse of Knowledge

The accelerated progress of science during the past decades is creating a growing gap between knowledge of common public and the ruling minority. This gap can continue providing the advantage and help maintain the position of power for the minority.



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