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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Supply Chain | Warehouse Design

Warehouse Equipment Selection (E)

Warehouse DesignLogistics is very expensive function of every company. Warehouse is very expensive, often contributing 25% of total logistics. At same time warehouse need to provide sufficient service level to customer. Therefore, planning of warehouse design is crucial for effective and cost efficient service.


Posted: Dec 2013


Once we've looked at warehouse zoning and different picking concepts, then we need to look at the equipment selection order for each zone. And this we have a methodology here, which is a step-by-step -really elimination of options. We always want to bear in mind the wide range of options that are available, and then for each warehouse zone we go through this step-by-step -really attrition of options.

So we start off with technology level assessment, to see whether we're talking about automation in the warehouse, or fairly conventional and manual operations. If we can answer that at that point, that will limit some of the options. We can then go down to look at the attributes of the equipment to see what types of equipment are suitable, and more importantly, what types are not suitable, we can delete those from consideration.

Warehouse Equipment Selection

Then we can use a decision-tree type of approach to try and narrow down more precisely what type of equipment is suitable for our particular type of operation. And finally we might be left with two or three options that warrant a full cost comparison, and we'll be showing how each of these stages can be undertaken.

Once the optimum warehouse equipment is selected for each warehouse zone, then we just need to consider the whole mix of equipment that we have before we make that final selection.


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Planning Levels
Equipment resource Levels
Day in the Warehouse
Warehouse Zones
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Warehouse Equipment Selection
Fixed and Variable Costs
Relative Attributes of Warehouse Design
Suitability for SKU Throughput Ranges
Warehouse Equipment Attributes Matrix
Final Warehouse Equipment Selection Factors

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