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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Supply Chain

Perfection in Logistics

perfection in logistics


Lean Concept gives the opportunity to the company to increase the service level, while reducing the cost. This is possible through strict implementation of lean tools.


Posted: Jan 2013









The service level of the logistics can be always improved. Perfection of the process is welcomed from one side, since it can bring benefits to logistics and whole company. From the other side, the perfection of the processes is the must, due to competition and growing requirements of the market

The perfection in the logistics is driven by following guidelines

  1. Continuous perfection based on changes of customer expectation

  2.  Nothing is perfect, anything can improve!

  3. "There is nothing so good that it could not be better"

Perfection in Logistics



Perfection Elements

Improvement in logistics is based on different methodologies. These methodologies are based on different approached. Key elements of perfection in logistics are:

  • Kaizen - PDCA,  

  • 5S,

  • Standardization

  • Poka-Yoke,



Kaizen is a system of continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, safety and leadership.

Kaizen has three underlying principles:

    • that human resources are a company’s most important asset;

    • that processes must evolve by gradual improvement rather than by radical change;

    • that improvement must be based on a quantitative evaluation of the performance of different processes


Kaizen is a system that involves every employee, stakeholder



Is a perfection method in working environments that require clean, structured, orderly approach that is sustainable in everyday work. 5S is abbreviation of 5 words that starts with "S" in Japanese and English language.

  • 5 S    -    5 pillars

    •  SEIRI = Sort

    •  SEITON = Set in Order

    •  SEISOU = Shine

    •  SEIKETSU = Standardize

    •  SHITSUKE = Sustain

    • +1 Safety



Poka Yoke ( Mistake-Proofing )

Mistake-proofing is literally translated from the Japanese term "poka-yoke" (POH-kah YOH-kay): "poka" (inadvertent mistake) and "yoke" (prevent).  The term was invented by Shigeo Shingo in the 1960s and literally means "mistake- proofing".

Mistake-proofing is the design of a product or process so that mistakes are:

    1. At best, impossible to make

    2. At least, easily detected and corrected

Kaizen, 5s and Poka Yoke are common tools that should be used in logistics, but they can be applied in other areas ( Manufacturing, Maintenance, … ).


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