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by Laurus Nobilis
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5 Reasony Why Note 7 Is Making Samsung Stronger


Note 7 crisis will make Samsung stronger. The history teaches us that crisis makes companies stronger

Recent incident with flammable Note 7 made planetary focus on Samsung. As reaction to several dozens of enflamed Note 7s, they decided to totally halt production and sales, while withdrawing already sold quantity. Economists and publics are expecting Samsung to suffer huge financial and market loss through this situation. This loss is obvious as the first thing to be expected from this situation. But, the most obvious things are usually not necessarily the truest.

Read More - Posted: Oct 2016

Windows Phone Is Failing Because 3 Simple Reasons


Recent market statistics shows that Windows mobile platform is falling down like a rock. There are 3 simple reasons for that.

Recent market statistics shows that Windows mobile platform is falling down like a rock. A few years ago Microsoft have set a target to capture 5% of mobile market. But, expectation was obviously wrong since Windows phone platform fell from 2% to 0,6% in 2016. Why is this a case?...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2016

Risk Register as a Tool of Risk Management


What is the role of risk register in preparation for potential risks? How the risk weight and impact should be calculated?

Risk management is the part of regular activities of many companies. Since in every business and within every segment of activity there is a certain risk, the investment in risk management is justified. If the risks are regularly defined, evaluated and followed by the adequate response plan, than the effects of possible negative events can be mitigated...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2012

8 Steps of Organizational Transformation - John P. Kotter


The fast pace of changes can be difficult for some organizations to be done. Learn about structured approach of John P. Kotter that will help organization to transform successfully.

John P. Kotter proposed the set of activities that can help an organization to recognize the need for change, embrace the change and successfully transform according the needs of the market. The 8 steps of organizational transformation are...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2012

Perfect Competition


What is the definition of perfect competition? Find out the difference between pure competition and perfect competition

Perfect competition is the situation in the market where the large number of manufacturers and customers of the same product exists. The price of the product is changing only under the influence of fluctuation of the whole market. No manufacturer is significantly large enough to change the prices in the market.

Read More - Posted: Feb 2012

What Is The Magic Quadrant ( by Gartner )?


What is the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant? How can magic Quadrant help the ICT companies?

Gartner's Magic Quadrant is the analytic methodology for assessment of creators of solutions it the area of information and communication technology (ICT)...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2012

Will Only "Umbrella" Corporation Remain?


Where is globalization heading to? Why the financial balloon has to burst eventually?

It is well known fact that the globalization is bringing integration of the world's capital. This means that the capital is getting more and more concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer companies. This can be obvious from the daily example of acquisitions. Big fish is eating a smaller fish, until the even bigger fish comes. As the result, the world's economy is getting controlled by smaller and smaller number of companies...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2011

What Is Business Intelligence?


What is the Business Intelligence? What is the difference between BI and Data Warehousing? What are the main functions of business intelligence?

The BI technologies provide historical, current and forecasted views of business operations. Business intelligence technologies provides different tools, such as reporting, analytics, data gathering, process mapping, business performance management, benchmarking, forecasting...

Read More - Posted: Jun 2011

Management and Managers


What is the management? What is the role of managers within organization?

Management is the skill of doing business through other people. There are many other definitions of management. Despite the differences between various definitions of management, the management defines activities done by managers within the organization, by engaging organization's resources, with intention to keep the balance between effectiveness and efficiency on the short term and long term...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2010

How Can State Bankrupt? (I)


What causes the state to declare bankruptcy? What are usual symptoms of bankruptcy?

"T hey say that states cannot go bankrupt", recently told German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And after a short pause added: "This is not true." Country declares bankruptcy when they cannot meet its obligations. State debts balloon was last bubble that could burst. The consequences are painful for the entire population because of bankruptcy, following a strong reduction of the standard of living due to unemployment and inflation, loss of savings and the weakening currency...

Read More - Posted: May 2010

Customer Centric Approach


Why is the customer so important for the overall business? What aspects of your supply interests the customer mostly?

Customer centric approach should be the base for the strategy of the company. When the product portfolios, profit mix, support and service level are aligned with customer needs and expectation, they will provide continuous and sustainable market growth and competitive advantage...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2010

Market Research: Market Share


What is the cause to global trend of price cut? What is the way of coping with this price cut trend?

The goal of every company is to achieve the all business goals. The main goals are sales volume, revenue, profit, etc. One of the most important indicators is the Market Share. The Market Share represent the sales share of the company, expressed by one of several measuring method....

Read More - Posted: Feb 2010

Price Cut Trends


What is the cause to global trend of price cut? What is the way of coping with this price cut trend?

There can be no doubt that most markets are more price competitive today than they were a few decades ago. Prices continues to go down in all segments of supply chain, in retail outlets as well as upstream suppliers of components and raw materials...

Read More - Posted: July 2009

Progressive Goals Setting


What is the progressive goal setting? What makes the balance between overstretching and realistic goal setting?

Every business has it's own targets or goals. Those goals are expressed in units sold, revenue generated, profit obtained, etc. One thing is common for every successful company – the progressive growing goals setting. Companies always try to set the target for incoming year higher than for the actual year. Why?

Read More - Posted: Jun 2009

Exponential Growth Threats


What is an Exponential Growth model? What is the impact of the Exponential growth for our environment? What is the impact of the Exponential Growth to the Business?

For how long the company can grow? Actually, for how long the whole market can grow? If the goal of the company is the double-digit growth, then the question is for how long the growth can happen? If the company plan to grow 10% annually that means that it will double it's sales volume in 7 years...

Read More - Posted: Dec 2008

Risk Analysis


What is the Risk? What are the methods of Risk evaluation?

The Risk is the part of every business. There is always a chance that something will happen that will change the development of plan. Since the Risk is inevitable companion of the business, it is necessary to manage Risks, in order to prevent negative occurrences and to alleviate consequences, if they appear...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2008

Porter's Five Forces


What are Porter's 5 Forces? When do we use this model?

The Porter's Five Forces is the analytical management tool used for strategic analysis of the business environment. It is used for development of marketing strategies, business decisions, planning and organization of the Company...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008

Management Tools - SWOT Analysis


What is the SWOT analysis? When can we use SWOT analysis? What questions are the best to be used during SWOT analysis?

SWOT Analysis is the management tool, which is used for strategic analysis of current and future position of the company, as well as assistance in decision making...

Read More - Posted Feb 2008

Management Tools – S.M.A.R.T


What you need to do when setting an Objective? When the Objective target is too small, meaning non productive?

W hen the Objective Target is too high, meaning demotivating? One of the tools during the process of Objective setting is the S.M.A.R.T concept. This concept is acronym for terms that represent business imperatives which need to be delivered, in order to set objectives that will bring result...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008

Company Mission Statement


What is the Company Mission Statement? What is the relation between Vision Statement and the Company Mission Statement? What does the Company Mission Statement describes?

Mission is something that goes down through the structure of the company. Therefore, iti si recommended to develop the Missions for the level of every department...

Read More - Posted: Jan 2008

Vision Statement


What is the Vision? What does it represent? Why do you need the compass on your journey?

The Vision is the place or state WHERE the company, profitable or non profitable, sport club, association of people of same interest or any individual want to be in mid to long term...

Read More - Posted: Jan 2008