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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
My BrainCast


Data Security Tips


Data protection importance grows as the digital data becomes predominant way of managing data. Threat of data theft, loss or misuse is the hazard of every day. This fact should be considered seriously.

Office is the playground for every hacker. Considering the amount and importance of business data this is to be expected. Here are basic tips how to protect your business data...

Read More - Posted: Nov 2013

Closing Excel File After Idle Time


Learn how to auto save and close excel file that has been able for specific period of time.

In case that you have Excel file on shared disk, you know that only one person at same time can have Write authorization. All other users that access the file after the first user have only Read authorization. This is normal situation, but...

Read More - Posted: Jun 2010

Password Security


Why is the password security important? How can you choose a good password? How can you protect your password?

How many passwords do you have, at your work, at home, from your locker, bank accounts, etc? It is very possibly that we are talking about double digit number of password for the average person. These passwords are very important to you since they protect your data, personal details, your money and your personal integrity...

Read More - Posted: Jan 2009

You Tube Download


How to download You Tube Videos? What player should you use for Flash videos?

Almost everybody visits You Tube or similar video clip banks, regardless is it for business for fun. Those clips are available easily, but you might want to save some of those clips on your disk, for future reference. These videos are recorded in Flash Video Format ( FLV ).

Read More - Posted: Jul 2008

Podcast Recording


Create your own Podcast. Distribute it through your web or by mail and promote your business

Sometimes, simple using of typed form, or even a picture is not enough. Sometimes you need to record the audio. Despite the fact that Windows provide you with Sound Recorder, this application has very little value, since it has very limited capabilities..

Read More - Posted: Apr 2008

Capture Screen Content


Capture your important moments. Edit and Save your captured images.

It is common for all of us that sometimes we need to capture a piece of our work in simple form: the picture that captures the part or whole screen that shows what we did in certain moment...

Read More - Posted: Apr 2008

Split and Join Large Files


Split or join large files fast and simple

During the daily work on our computers we are frequently faced with the large files. We usually need to split files at one moment and to join files later...

Read More - Posted: Apr 2008