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by Laurus Nobilis
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Office Data Security Tips

Data Security







Data protection importance grows as the digital data becomes predominant way of managing data. Threat of data theft, loss or misuse is the hazard of every day. This fact should be considered seriously.


Posted: Nov 2013



Office is the playground for every hacker. Considering the amount and importance of business data this is to be expected. Here are basic tips how to protect your business data.


Always press Control+Alt+Del in order to lock your computer before you leave your workplace, even for a short break.
Why? Imagine how many people could access your computer while you are away ( guests, contractors, cleaning staff… ). It takes only several minutes for data transfer, virus infection or sending the mail on your behalf.


Passwords should not be related with the name of the company or your personal name. "Strong" password contain at least 6 characters, by combining small and capital letters numbers and special characters like @, & or %- They should be changed every 1-2 months. Hackers are using specialized programs that try to penetrate your password. Week password requires less time for penetration of password protection. Take password security very seriously.

TIP 3Data Security

Do not leave important documents on your desk, printer or copier
Why? Paper or USB stick is the least secured documents. They can be easily stolen or copied.


Do not share your password, user identity, credit card or other personal data through the net.
Why? Attempts of stealing of data and identity through the internet looks like as they are sent by credible company. But in most of the cases someone is trying to steal your identity. Credible company where you have your account will not send you the request for your password by mail, because they have your password stored already. Report any identity stealing attempt to info or security service.

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