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by Laurus Nobilis
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Sales Call Closing Tips (I)


Why is closing of sales call so important? What are the main rules of closing and buying signals of customers?

Closing the sales call requires knowledge of the rules, but some practice as well. Disrespect of closing rules can ruin already agreed order. If you agree and close the sales, but continue to talk, you may irritate the customer and provoke him to change his mind. Therefore, don’t "over sell"...

Read More - Posted: Dec 2011

Short Term Risks of Sales Volume Loss (B)


What are the factors that influence decline of the sales on the short run? How to prevent the loss of sales?

The sales loss is worst thing that can happen to the company. Sales lead to profit, that leads to investments, that leads to process improvement and product innovation... all that leads to sales increase and the circle continues. The smart companies are working hard to make this circle to spin in the right direction. But...

Read More - Posted: Dec 2011

Category Management (E)


What is the role of Category management in contemporary market? What is the relation of range and space management and product availability? Learn about space allocation and layout setting tactics.

Category management is a retail and supply management concept where the range of products is grouped into specific groups of products of similar characteristics. Category management concept was developed at the end of 80s of 20th century in the developed retail markets. Category management is among the most advanced business tools for business results improvement...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2011

Long Term Risks of Sales Volume Loss (B)


What are the major long term risks of sales volume loss? How to fight these risks?

The sales volume performance depends of many internal and external factors. Every company develops strategies for building and maintaining the sales volume growth. There are many methods for increase sales volume ( new product, price, marketing activities,... ) but there are many volume risks at same time. Many factors can jeopardy sales volume on the short and long run...

Read More - Posted: Apr 2011

Short Term Strategies For Increase Of Sales Volume (B)


What are the basic short term startegies for increase of sales volume?

The activities of the company should be focused on the long term strategies for the volume increase, since their give long lasting and sustainable effects. Still, there are moments in the business when the company needs to make quick, effective, short term measures that will give immediate result...

Read More - Posted: Jul 2010

Long Term Strategies For Increase Of Sales Volume (B)


What are the basic long term strategies for increase of sales volume?

The sales does not goes up or down just by that. The company is managing and directing its sales volume through the portfolio and channels. There are different ways how the company can influence volume increase. The methods that increase volume in the long term are...

Read More - Posted: May 2010

Market Balance: Demand and Supply Equilibrium (B)


What is relationship between demand and supply? What is the law of demand and supply?

Equilibrium price is the price that equates the amount requested and offered. In equilibrium price, quantity of goods that buyers are willing and able to buy fully coincides with the amount that sellers are ready and able to sell. Customers bought everything they wanted to buy and the sellers have sold everything they wanted to sell...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2009

Aggregate Supply of Products (B)


What is aggregate supply? What are the factors that makes a shift of aggregate supply curve?

Aggregate Supply a Product (service) is the quantity of products (services) that sellers are willing and able to sell. Offered quantity is positively correlated with good price. The law of Supply says: with the rise of prices of a good, the supply is growing as well, and vice versa, assuming that other factors constants...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2009

Aggregate Demand of Market (B)


What is aggregate demand? What are the exceptions for general law of aggregate demand?

Aggregate Demand is quantified expression of demand for a certain product or service within the market. Aggregate demand is total quantity of products that customers are willing to buy, according to all alternative prices...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2009

Product Lifecycle Management (B)


What is the purpose of product lifecycle management? What are the stages of product lifecycle management?

The sales, revenue and profit of every company depends of cleverly balanced portfolio. This means that it would be difficult to survive in the market without optimized portfolio. Balanced portfolio of differentiated products with different target population seems to be a good approach...

Read More - Posted: Aug 2009

Price Elasticity of Product Demand (B)


What is measured by price elasticity of demand? What are the basic price elasticity of demand models?

Price elasticity of product demand is measuring the relation of price and demand for the product. The price variation is influencing product demand in different ways. As a general rule the price increase is causing demand decrease...

Read More - Posted: Aug 2009

Merchandising - Point of Sale Display of Products (E)


What is the Point of Sale Display? What are the main elements of Merchandising? How to apply the Point of Sale Display and Merchandising in your business?

The merchandising is the process of effective positioning and arranging of product in the sale outlet that have the main objective – maximizing the sales in the given moment. The Merchandising is the process that increases the chances of product to be bought....

Read More - Posted: Nov 2008

FMCG Sales Boosting in Sale Outlet (E)


What is the Impulse Purchase? Why to boost FMCG sales? How to boost it? What is necessary for continuous growth in the sale outlet?

Impulse for purchase can be triggered by clever positioning and merchandising of product within the shopping area of the sale outlet. There are several basic rules for successful positioning in the sale outlet that will initiate the shopping need of consumers, even when they didn't even thought about buying some item...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2008

Route Visit Planning (E)


What is the successful Route Planning? Why do we need the route Planning? How to prioritize customers?

While the company is trying to cover as much customers as possible, it is also trying to engage optimal number of field representatives. Optimal means minimum required to achieve desired result...

Read More - Posted Sep 2008

Making The Sales Call – Retail Inventory Management ( 1,5 Rule ) (E)


Why do we manage the Inventory? How to avoid Stock-outs? How to take care about retail inventory and avoid the overstocking?

In order to really master this process, the Salesman must be equipped with specific tools and sets of knowledge. One of the most important thing is the skill and knowledge of Retail Inventory Management in the outlet. By default you may think that this is the job of the outlet owner, since he orders, he pays product, store it, sell it further...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2008

Product Positioning and Merchandising in the Sale Outlet (I)


What is the good position of product in sale outlet? How much space the product should be given? What is the successful Merchandising in sale outlet?

Positioning and Merchandising in the sale outlet are a part of a process of presenting the product to the consumers. Good positioning in the sale outlet is the key of the success in selling the product. It is important to understand that not all locations within sale outlet are good for the specific product... 

Read More - Posted: Nov 2007