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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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About Biz-Development site

Dec 2007



Thank you for visiting this web site. The goal of the site is to provide knowledge from different areas of business. The intention is to provide answers to different business questions for the employees and managers of small or mid-size companies, students or anybody else who is interested in this field.

The author of this site have 11 years of experience in the international leading beverage company - Fast Moving Consumer Goods ( FCMG ) Company, that operates in almost 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. During the mentioned period the author had the opportunity to work in different positions and grades, departments and geographical location. Most of his experience is connected to Commercial Department, than to Logistic Department. Also the author was closely aligned to other departments like Human Resources and Marketing.

Although knowledge and examples that you can find here are leaned on author's experience from the beverage business, you can apply that knowledge to the other FMCG Company, or even some completely different industry ( Pharmacy, Furniture, Insurance, ... ).

The aim of the author is to bring the real life examples and situations from the large scale international "Monster" organization to those people that cannot access to similar knowledge or situation. Of course, material on this site is not restricted for people who are also working for organization similar by branch, size or infrastructure.  

Also, in this site you can find guest's articles. I picked those articles that I liked. Actually, I placed articles that I liked so much that I wish that I wrote them by my self in first place ;-).

Articles of this site are prepared for broader audience and are written with intention to be clear and understandable for everybody. However, articles can vary in detail and complexity. Therefore, all articles have guidance markings: (B) BEGINNER; (I) INTERMEDIATE; (E) EXPERT.

All contents of this site, meaning texts, examples, studies, are free of charge. You can use them in your study or every day's work. However, it is not allow to publish them or sell to third parties, without prior agreement of author.



Sincerely Yours,    


Laurus Nobilis  

December 2007


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