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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Performance Management

Performance Management: Disciplinary Procedure (E)


Performance Management

What is the right approach of manager to performance management? How to encourage performance? How to deal with underperformance?

Posted: May 2010

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Disciplinary measures are necessary in case of continuous underperformance and negative attitude of employee. Such behavior is not acceptable, since it create negative impact not only to the performance of that position, but to the overall working atmosphere and team spirit.

The aim of the disciplinary measures is to recognize and understand the current situation. The full understanding for causes is necessary.

The basic principles of the disciplinary process are justice, fairness, fact based proofs and same treatment for every employee.

The background for the disciplinary procedure should be Labor Law, Employment contract and transparency of the process.

The disciplinary process should be developed gradually, from last disciplinary measure to the contract termination.

Every disciplinary process should be documented. Basic documentation should contain:

  • Written statement of the employee

  • Written statement of the witnesses

  • Notes and evidences of previous events

  • Record of previous disciplinary measures

  • Additional documents ( photo, video, audio records )

The performance management has multifunctional importance. It recognizes individual contribution and gives opportunity individual development of employees. It contributes to organization by achievement of targets and continuous growth. The performance management is opportunity for organization to recognize the contribution of employee and to respond through reward programs.

The range of disciplinary measures should be defined by the company with the Disciplinary procedure. The procedure should be aligned with the local legislation. The usual scheme of disciplinary measures is.

  • Written warning

  • Written warning prior to contract termination

  • Financial penalty in case of cause of damage or loss to the company

  • Transfer to another department and position

  • Suspension from the position for specific period of time ( partially salary )

  • Contract termination

It is important to keep the track of all records, since every document may be potentially used as the evidence on court, in case of contract termination.


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