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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Performance Management

Performance Management: Reasons For Underperformance (E)


Performance Management


What is the right approach of manager to performance management? How to encourage performance? How to deal with underperformance?


Posted: May 2010

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The performance depends of several factors of different origin. Basically, these factors can be grouped in four core areas: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Personality. The development level of these four areas is unique for every employee. They require a different approach in order to be developed. They also require a different time for development.


Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Character

Knowledge is the professional asset that is the most easy to be changed. If the employee does not have the specific knowledge, than the training or formal education is required. With basic level of learning ability ( according the complexity of the position ) the required knowledge can be absorbed in relatively short period of time

Knowledge enhancement methods:
- Transfer of knowledge
- Courses and workshops
- Advising by experts

Skills are professional assets that require time to be built. The prerequisite for the skill is the knowledge. But even when the knowledge is learnt there is a period of time required for skill to be built, based on that knowledge. Also, the employee need mentoring or coaching from the supervisor or experienced co-worker.

Skills enhancement methods:
- On the job training
- Workshops for specific skill
- Knowledge applied becomes the skill over the period of time

Attitude is the personal trait that is typical and different for every individual. The attitude is being gradually changed over the time. But essentially the attitude is changing very slowly. Therefore the influence on someone's attitude cannot give the quick results.

The performance management has multifunctional importance. It recognizes individual contribution and gives opportunity individual development of employees. It contributes to organization by achievement of targets and continuous growth. The performance management is opportunity for organization to recognize the contribution of employee and to respond through reward programs.

Attitude change methods:
- If the attitude problem continues than the lateral movement in position, change of team or working environment should follow. In the most extreme cases the termination of contract must be the option.
- The desired attitude should be presented to and required from employees by their manager.
- Intensive trainings in short period of time ( shock therapy ) can give the positive result.

Character is another personal trait. Change of someone's character is the very difficult task. There are no specific methods for changing of someone's character. The person can be extrovert or introvert, neurotic or emotionally stabile person. The character can be slightly changed over the longer period of time. Since the personal character is hard to change, the rotation on position gives better result that pushing the person into the area that is not „natural“ for him/her.

In case of the underperformance the employee should be evaluated, according his personal traits: Knowledge, Skill, Attitude and Character. It is best to start with assessment of knowledge, since this area is the most easy to be improved. The effort should be done upward to skill, attitude and knowledge. The final goal is to have competent and dedicated person on every position.


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