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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Marketing Management

eBook Publishing (B)


e-Book Publishing


Why do you need the eBook? How to write the eBook? How should you publish it? 


Posted: Apr 2008

Writing the eBooks has never been that easy. It is made of only a few steps. The most important is to have a good content, meaning the written material, pictures, tables, etc. Basically, you can use Word for preparation of text and other content.

Content of the eBook can be anything: a novel or a short story; it can be your business presentation; you can make a teaser for your web-site. Simply you can take anything for the eBook content.  

Once finished, prepared material should be converted to PDF format. Of course, you can keep it in Word, but converting it to PDF you make it more appealing, but you also assure that your work will be kept in original form. Though even the PDF can be changed too, is more likely that once you have your e-book in PDF it will stay as it is.

Converting the Word content to PDF is very easy with plug-in software. There are many of them, mostly free. The good example is Foxit Creator. Download and install this plug-in. Once installed, this plug in will be represented with the icon:


e-Book Publishing


Tips for making the eBook:

- Use middle size font, not small size. Readers usually do not print e-books, but they read
  them on the screen. Small font can be annoying.
- Split text in paragraphs with head titles.
- Use pictures, drawings, tables etc. if it is possible.
- Leave your contact mail, link to your web page, etc.
- Do a spell check before publishing an e-book
Give your e-book to a friend for a short review, prior to publishing.
- Issue up-dates of your e-book and re-publish them.

Once you are satisfied with the content, just press the Foxit button and your ebook as PDF document will be created in a matter of seconds.

Good thing about Foxit is that is very fast and, the most important, it maintain the hyperlinks within document, therefore making your PDF e-book linked to your web-site or other web, if you like it.

Now, since you have your proud e-Book, it is time for distribution. You can send it by e-mail to your customers and friends.

You can put it on your web to be downloadable. You can upload it to some server like

You might even decide to sell it, if you consider that your eBooks is value adding enough to be offered for sales.

Basically, there are countless ways to exploit the concept of the eBooks publishing. If you use it in a smart way, it can help you to promote you, your business, your web-site, your project, your idea ...

Just imagine what you want and simply do it.






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