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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Marketing Management

7 Simple Marketing Tips and Tricks (B)





Should you use others people idea? How should you treat loyalty? 


Posted: Apr 2008

Marketing isn't rocket science, as with most things it's about action. Below are seven useful tips to help you to market your business:

  1. Take the P.S

Personalize your sales letters with a p.s. at the bottom of the page, but make sure it's hand written, adding a typed p.s at the end of a document defeats the object. Putting a personal slant on your mailings makes your customers feel valued and reports suggest that arond 65% of customers will leave your business simply because they think you don't care about them.

  1. Do it Again.

Whenever you leaflet drop repeat the process for the same customers 2 weeks later. People are bombarded with adverts and brands every single day so by giving them a second or third chance to see your ad you'll greatly increase the likihood of a response to it.

  1. Steal

Use others people ideas at the basis for your own. Don't be shy about stealing a great idea, if it works for someone else there's a likihood it'll work for you. In my opinion the most successful forms of imitation are when you take an idea from outside your industry and apply it to your business. For example, be the first in your industry to offer a 200% guarantee or a guaranteed service within 24 hours.

  1. Reward Loyalty

Send your customers an unexpected gift, even if it's just a money off coupon for your service or a fee addtion next time they buy. My local car dealer always sends my wife a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine when she buys a new car. This is exceptional service - always be exceptional.

  1. Sack Your Customers

Should you use others people idea? How should you treat loyalty?

Marketing isn't rocket science, as with most things it's about action. Below are seven useful tips to help you to market your business

However good we are we all have customers who we could do with out, they could be the "big" comapany that buys alot but you make very poor margins on, or the customer who constantly enquires but never buys. Get rid of them! By cutting these customers out of the equation you can spend alot more time on the customers that really matter, helping your profits and improving your repuation at the same time.

  1. Don't Drop Your Price - Improve your service

Simple additions to your product or service such as gift wrapping, an aftercare service or extended guarantees can raise the value of your product but cost you little. While your competitors may spend time trying to drop their prices to as little as possible you can keep yours high and still get more business with a superior service.

  1. Spend more time with your customers.

Acustomer who buys from you once can be valuable but a customer for lifetime can be priceless. Work with your existing customers, send them birthday cards, a thank you card, a newsletter, anything to let them kown that you value them or risk losing

James Beamish has spent many years working as a business adviser. You can check out his blog at A Business Of Your Own



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