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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Team Work (I)


What is the progressive goal setting? What makes the balance between overstretching and realistic goal setting?

Contingency Planning is the skill that is part of Ability to plan group of basic skills. Contingency Planning is the ability to create a back up plans that needs to serve in case that primary planning is unable to be conducted. Contingency Planning is important for different  positions and functions. 

Read More - Posted: Jan 2012

Role of Managers (B)


What are the roles of managers? How the decision making role works?

Managerial positions require activities of managers in different areas of activities. Literally, manager must obtain different roles, depending on the business situation. The roles of managers can be divided into three different groups: Interpersonal management roles, Informational management roles and Decision Making roles.

Read More - Posted: Nov 2011

Why Team Building Have Little to do With Building of a Team? (E)


Why is team building as a concept so popular among certain structures within performance based companies? What is the real contribution to the organization? What about hidden agenda?

Does team building really bring people together? In most of the cases the answer is no. The event program may shuffle people in different groups during the formal part. But during the informal part people usually group with their usual acquaintances. If somebody does not like somebody, than the team building will not make them closer...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2011

Guiding Principles of People Development (E)


What is the role of the leader in development of his people? What are basic principles of people development?

The primary responsibility of all leaders is to make their people successful. The Manager plays the biggest role in developing people. Developing of people is serious job. The importance of the people development comes from the fact that result of the manager comes from the results of his people....

Read More - Posted: Jan 2011

Staff Turnover and Movement on Positions (I)


What is the healthy employee turnover rate? How can movement on positions be a motivator for employees?

Turnover of employees is the change that occurs in every organization. People come and go. The rate of employee turnover is expressed as number of employees that leave versus total number of employees during one year. This rate is expressed as percentage number. The turnover of staff can not be understood simply as positive neither as negative fact...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2010

Basic Skills: Managing Performance (E)


What is the role of performance management in business? What are the tips for development of performance management skill?

Managing Performance is the basic skill that is part of the Ability to measure group of basic skills. Managing performance is ability to manage the processes and assess the actual performance versus requirement. Managing performance is crucial for the business, since the activities without adequate output are counterproductive for the company...

Read More - Posted: May 2010

Knowledge Management: Transfer Of Knowledge (B)


What are the knowledge management and the knowledge transfer? Who should be responsible for the knowledge transfer?  

Knowledge management is the important aspect of the company. Process of accumulation of knowledge and experience is long and complex. In order to make it effective it is necessary to conduct a proper knowledge transfer plan. The knowledge transfer can be focused to the new employee. Also, the knowledge transfer can have the goal to train the employee from another position, with purpose of succession planning....

Read More - Posted: Apr 2010

How To Apply For A Job (B)


How to apply for a job? What are the steps during the applying for the job? 

Everybody is potentially person who is looking for the job. The quest for the job is something that almost everybody is doing, usually more than once in the life. Even if you are employed at this moment, you must be aware that one day you may be looking for the job. Changing the job is something that may happen from time to time...

Read More - Posted: Apr 2010

Exit Interview (I)


What is the purpose of the exit interview? What is the valuable information that the company can obtain with the exit interview? 

Turnover is something that needs to be managed. This is the responsibility of managers and Human Resources department. In order to understand the reason why are the employees leaving, it is necessary to understand their motivation. Most of the modern companies are conducting Exit interviews with employees who leave, in order to understand their motivation for their decision...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2010

Basic Skills: Workplace Management (E)


What is the role of work management in business? What are the tips for development of workplace management skill?

Workplace management is is the skill that is part of ability to execute group of basic skills. Workplace management is the ability to manage tasks in order to conduct business processes. Work management is important for all positions within all functions...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2009

Workplace Ergonomics (I)


What is the workplace ergonomics? How much workplace ergonomics influences work process and productivity? 

At the beginning of 18th century doctors started to realize that workers, after being at certain posture for a longer period of time, are having a certain muscular and skeletal problems. Research done during the past 20 years has shown that there is connection between specific working position and frequent injuries...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2009

Basic Skills: Judgment (E)


What is the role of judgement in business? What are the tips for development of judgement skill?

Judgement is the skill that is part of Ability to execute group of basic skills. Judgement is the ability to conclude based on facts, in order to make make further steps. Judgement is important for managerial and executive positions within all functions...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2009

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (I)


What is the Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs? What is the relation of a working environment and employee motivation with the Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

In order to understand the full scope of complexity of human motivation, Abraham Maslow developed theory of hierarchy of needs. This hierarchy of needs, also called Maslow's hierarchy of needs, or simply Maslow's theory, is trying to group the various motivators in different groups. These groups of hierarchy of needs starts with the basic needs, like breathing and survival, until the top level needs like morale or creativity...

Read More - Posted Aug 2009

Human Resources Outsourcing (E)


What is the Human Resources Outsourcing? What is the Difference between employment and outsourcing of Human Resources? What are advantages and disadvantages of human resources outsourcing?

Hiring the external agency that deals with human resources outsourcing, that will "land" employees of needed qualification, is a easier way than giving the employee contract to every individual engaged in business activity. Actually, there is no real employment by the company, since the company is renting and paying for the given service of human resource outsourcing, instead of the employment salary...  

Read More - Posted: Jan 2009

Employee Turnover (E)


What is the Employee Turnover? How it is defined? What is Regretted Turnover?

Employee Turnover is the number of permanent employees leaving the company within the reported period versus the number of actual Active Permanent employees on the last day of the previous reported period (physical headcount)  ...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2008

Employee Performance Appraisal (E)


What is the Employee Performance Appraisal? What is the Employee Performance Appraisal Cycle? What are Core and Functional Skills?

Appraisal of employee is the periodical process of reviewing his/her performance in specific areas versus predefined standards. This appraisal is initiated, supervised and collected by HR, but essentially is conducted by supervisor with his subordinate...

Read More - Posted: Nov 2007


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