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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
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Cash Flow Drivers (I)


Why is the cash flow so important for the company? What are the key drivers for cash flow increase?

One of the most important key business indicators is the cash flow. Having a healthy cash flow is the must of every company. In case that company run out of the money, it will have to borrow it. No matter how much value the company possess in facilities, machineries, vehicles, products or row materials, it is necessary to have a good cash flow ( liquidity ) too...

Read More - Posted: Jul 2009

Price Determination (I)


What are factors that determine the product/service price?

Determination of the prices depends internal and external factors. Pricing goals represents internal policy. Also, price policy should be aligned on several other factors...

Read More - Posted: Jul 2009

3 Basic Financial Statements (B)


What are 3 Basic Financial Statements? What is the connection between Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Profit & Loss Statement?

There are 3 basic finance documents that describe the financial traffic of the company: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and cash Flow Statement....

Read More - Posted: Apr 2009

Basic Pricing Strategies (E)


What are basic pricing strategies? What is the difference between Cost-based, Competition-based and Value-based pricing?

“Cost-based” pricing: pricing a brand based on achieving a given margin over and above costs of manufacturing, marketing and distribution. Often associated with sales- or production-led organizations; tends to encourage a mechanistic approach to cost control and pricing....

Read More - Posted: Oct 2008

Balancing the Pricing Strategy (E)


What is the Pricing Strategy? What is the Price Sensitivity? What is the best price for your product?

The purchasing is determined by our need and, of course, the amount of money that we posses. So what are the factors that determine what to spend money? We have many needs, but our funds are limited. They are always limited. When we are buying we try to satisfy several needs. Firstly, we are satisfying the functional needs...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2008

Price Elasticity (E)


What is the Price Elasticity? What are the Functions of Demand and Supply? When is the Price Elasticity different for the same product?

The one of the most basic theory of Economic concerning the definition of the product's "Natural Price" say that the price of the product is at the equilibrium point of Demand and Supply...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008

Revenue Growth Management (I)


What is the Revenue Growth Management? How it is Managed? How the elements of Marketing Mix influences RGM?

Revenue Growth Management ( RGM ) is the term created in the 70's in the air transport industry. During that period the airline industry was faced with emerging financial crisis caused by permanent increases of oil price. The airliners were forced to invent a new ways of making their business sustainable and profitable. This made them to make improvement in several directions...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008

Profit Definition (B)


What is the Profit? What is the relation of Profit and Revenue? How do we influence the Growth of the Profit?

Profit is also important financial indicator and represent a Key Business Indicator. It is different from Revenue but this time costs are taken into account...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008

Revenue Definition (B)


What is the Revenue and how is calculated? What is the importance of the Revene as a Key Business Indicator? How do we influence the growth of revenue?

Revenue is the financial income in a certain period of time that is represented in financial value. It is calculated as number of units sold multiplied by unit price...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008