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My Introspective

by Laurus Nobilis
My BrainCast


Lenovo Phab Plus - One Year Later

This phone has an excellent, premium built quality. The body is completely made of brushed metal that give you premium look and excellent grip in hand. Actually, I never drop this phone of to the floor, which is contrary to other phones that I owned. Simply, the device material gives you a good grip.

Read More - Posted: Feb 2017

Paradox of Collatz Conjecture – Mathematical Problem or a Spin?

Collatz Conjecture is typical mathematical approach of creating paradox by linking two unknowns into the infinite loop. This problem is a total spin or total misinterpretation.

Read More - Posted: Oct 2016

Space Allocation Case Study

Category management is a retail and supply management concept where the range of products is grouped into specific groups of products of similar characteristics. How can space allocation influence the sales and profit? Learn about relation of shelf turnover, brand profitability and shelf profitability.

Read More - Posted: Sep 2011

Market Balance: Shifts of Supply and Demand (B)


What is the correlation between supply and demand curve? What are the three stages of supply and demand analysis?

The demand and supply are different functions that are co-related. The change of demand curve influences the supply curve and vice verse. The higher degree of change on one curve is making higher influence to the other curve...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2009

Effects of Weekly Volume Leveling (E)


What are the effects of uneven weekly volume level? What are the methods of weekly volume demand leveling?

This situation with concentration of volume within last week, or even worse to the last two days, is creating the tremendous impact to the Supply Chain. The company trucks are underutilized at the beginning of the month, while they are insufficient in the last week...

Read More - Posted: Jun 2009

Business Finance Basics (B)


Understand what is the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement, Cash Flow Statement, Inventory handling, management of payables and receivables...

Whether you are working in a small or a big company, or you have the intention to run such a company one day, you will have to face with financial terms and procedures. Even if your position is non-financial, you will be meeting finance terms in your daily job...

Read More - Posted: Apr 2009

Ultimate Cost: Purchasing an Item at the Ultimate Cost (E)


What is the cause to global trend of price cut? What is the way of coping with this price cut trend?

It is well known fact that one of the goals of the trade is to buy an item at the lowest possible cost and then to sell it at the highest possible price. That sounds simple and obvious. The same stands for every other activity within the company. Every activity that can be done with less expense can increase profitability of the Company by reducing input costs...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2010