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Theory and Analytics of Costs
Galaxy S3 - Samsung's Answer to Apple iPhone 5
Performance Review: How to Conduct PR meeting
iPad is Becoming a Regular Business Tool
10 Strategies for Manipulation of People Through Media
Team Work
War For Free Internet Started European Commission Against Google
Shut Down Your E-Mail For a While
Outsourcing Today
European Commission Started Investigation Against Samsung
Increase of Demand for SSD Disks
ISPs Are Not Responsible For Internet Piracy
Logistic Outsourcing
Nuclear Energy Is Coming Back
Apple Sues Samsung at US Court
Cheap Oil Is Gone Forever
What Is The Magic Quadrant by Gartner?
The New Wave of Antipiracy is coming
European Union Suspended the Ratification of ACTA
On Line Advertising is Exceeding Printed Media Advertising
EU is at the Edge of New Recession
Perfect Competition
What is the Trend?
New Google Rules Are Against the Rules in EU
8 Steps of Organizational Transformation
Hackers are Becoming Bigger Threat Than Terrorism
Samsung is Increasing Sales and Profit
Risk Register as a Tool of Risk Management
Phases of Influencing
Leading Effective Meetings
Definition of Competitive Advantage
Lean Principles in Logistics
Value and Waste in Logistics
Logistic Value Streams
Marketing Mix Video

Theory and Analytics of Costs


What is the definition of costs? What is the relation between average cost and marginal cost? What is the cost breakeven point?

Production of finished goods is consuming the production factors, which have its own market price. Costs are defined as financial expression of consumed production factors. There are two types of costs...

Read More - Posted: Jan 2012

Performance Review: How to Conduct PR meeting


Performance review meeting is important performance management tool that requires preparation and compliance to certain rules. These rules are applying to team leader and his subordinates as well.

The Performance review meeting is a management routine that provide crucial controlling and reporting. By conducting the formal review meeting the manager of respective level is conducting the supervision of employees, reviewing performance per every key performance indicator (KPI), identifying gaps and opportunities, leading and coaching people, gather information and building reports based on information obtained.

Read More - Posted: Jan 2012

Team Work


What is the base of effective team work? What makes the team to be successful?

Team work is the skill that is part of Ability to create alliances group of basic skills. Team Work is the ability to create relation with other employees in order to perform the group activity. Team work is important for every position and functions. 

Read More - Posted: Jan 2012

Outsourcing Today


The trend of increasing of outsourcing scale and diversity is constantly increasing, despite the global crisis. Learn about outsourcing types and their advantages versus in sourced activities.

Global economy recession reduced the scale of economic activities during the past years. One segment continued to grow despite of the crisis – the Outsourcing. Cost reduction and efficiency increase became the imperative in every business branch. This factor helped to outsourcing concept to grow and expand to new areas.

Read More - Posted: Feb 2012

Logistics Outsourcing


What is the benefit of outsourcing of certain segments of business? What is the power of outsourcing for the company and the logistic agent?

Logistic outsourcing is one of the methods of increasing organizational efficiency. Since logistics is bulky part of the business, its outsourcing can simplify activities related to repetitive operations...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2012

What Is The Magic Quadrant ( by Gartner )?


What is the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant? How can magic Quadrant help the ICT companies?

Gartner's Magic Quadrant is the analytic methodology for assessment of creators of solutions it the area of information and communication technology (ICT)...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2012

Perfect Competition


What is the definition of perfect competition? Find out the difference between pure competition and perfect competition.

Perfect competition is the situation in the market where the large number of manufacturers and customers of the same product exists...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2012

What is the Trend?


What is the trend and how it is used in economy? What are the business purposes of time series analysis?

The trend is the term that describes the appearance of certain events in specific period of time. The trend analysis is used in economy and society for analysis of past events and forecasting the future events. The trend represents the record of certain parameter in specific period of time and gives estimation of expected behavior in the future.

Read More - Posted: Mar 2012

8 Steps of Organizational Transformation

The fast pace of changes can be difficult for some organizations to be done. Learn about structured approach of John P. Kotter that will help organization to transform successfully.

John P. Kotter proposed the set of activities that can help an organization to recognize the need for change, embrace the change and successfully transform according the needs of the market. The 8 steps of organizational transformation are...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2012

Risk Register as a Tool of Risk Management

What is the role of risk register in preparation for potential risks? How the risk weight and impact should be calculated?

Risk management is the part of regular activities of many companies. Since in every business and within every segment of activity there is a certain risk, the investment in risk management is justified. If the risks are regularly defined, evaluated and followed by the adequate response plan, than the effects of possible negative events can be mitigated...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2012


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