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Biz Development Archive 2011

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Guiding Principles of People Development
Long Term Risks of Sales Volume Loss
Direct Marketing
What is Business Intelligence?
Viral Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Category Management
Why Team Building Have Little To Do With Team Building
Integration vs. Non-Integration of Supply Chain
Will Only Umbrella Corporation Remain?
Managerilal Levels
Role of Managers
DIFOTAI - Delivered In Full On Time Accurately Invoiced
Marketing Mix: Product Distribution
Short Term Risks of Sales Volume Loss
Will Euro Survive?
Influencing Skills
Market Positioning Strategy
What Happened to Paperless Office?
Sales Call Closing Tips
Galaxy S3 – Samsung's Answer to Apple iPhone 5


Guiding Principles of People Development (E)


What is the role of the leader in development of his people? What are basic principles of people development?

The primary responsibility of all leaders is to make their people successful. The Manager plays the biggest role in developing people. Developing of people is serious job. The importance of the people development comes from the fact that result of the manager comes from the results of his people....

Read More - Posted: Jan 2011

Long Term Risks of Sales Volume Loss (B)


What are the major long term risks of sales volume loss? How to fight these risks?

The sales volume performance depends of many internal and external factors. Every company develops strategies for building and maintaining the sales volume growth. There are many methods for increase sales volume ( new product, price, marketing activities,... ) but there are many volume risks at same time. Many factors can jeopardy sales volume on the short and long run...

Read More - Posted: Apr 2011

Viral Marketing (B)


What is the Viral Marketing? How and why it works? What are the tips for the success of the viral marketing campaign?

Advantage of viral marketing is that it takes very little or no investment. The viral marketing system is powered by the will of transmitters to pass the message further. The power of exponential growth is tremendous. If every person is distributing the information to 5 people and further, this gives are 3.125 informed people after 5 levels from original message transfer.

Read More - Posted: Jun 2011

Direct Marketing (I)


What is the Direct Marketing? What is the advantage of direct marketing versus traditional mass media advertising?

Direct marketing is a sales method where advertisers approach potential customers directly with advertisment, products or services. The most usual methods of direct marketing are telephone sales ( tel-sell ), solicited or unsolicited emails, catalogs, leaflets, brochures, direct visits etc.

Read More - Posted: Jun 2011

Category Management (E)


What is the role of Category management in contemporary market? What is the relation of range and space management and product availability? Learn about space allocation and layout setting tactics.

Category management is a retail and supply management concept where the range of products is grouped into specific groups of products of similar characteristics. Category management concept was developed at the end of 80s of 20th century in the developed retail markets. Category management is among the most advanced business tools for business results improvement. ...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2011

Why Team Building Have Little to do With Building of a Team? (E)


Why is team building as a concept so popular among certain structures within performance based companies? What is the real contribution to the organization? What about hidden agenda?

Does team building really bring people together? In most of the cases the answer is no. The event program may shuffle people in different groups during the formal part. But during the informal part people usually group with their usual acquaintances. If somebody does not like somebody, than the team building will not make them closer...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2011

DIFOTAI – Delivered In Full On Time Accurately Invoiced (E)


How does customer service level influence the competitiveness and position in the market? Why and how the service level should be measured?

The effectiveness of DIFOTAI can be influenced by proper execution of all functions. Efforts need to be synchronized, since errors created within one department can cause chain reaction in other departments. Success of the DIFOTAI and service to the customer is dependant on multiple factors... 

Read More - Posted: Dec 2011

Marketing Mix: Product Distribution (B)


What is the effect of product distribution to the marketing mix? Learn about relation between numeric and net weighted distribution.

The marketing mix is composed of four components: Product, Promotion, Price and product Distribution. Product it is first prerequisite for the company to run their Business. But product also needs to be shipped to the sales outlets, in order to be sold to the consumers... 

Read More - Posted: Dec 2011

Short Term Risks of Sales Volume Loss (B)


What are the factors that influence decline of the sales on the short run? How to prevent the loss of sales?

The sales loss is worst thing that can happen to the company. Sales lead to profit, that leads to investments, that leads to process improvement and product innovation... all that leads to sales increase and the circle continues. The smart companies are working hard to make this circle to spin in the right direction. But...

Read More - Posted: Dec 2011

Market Positioning Strategy (I)


What is necessary for good market positioning approach? How to choose appropriate market positioning strategy?

Procedure of product positioning should be respected when launching a new product. Any rush or blind decision is bringing a considerable risk. Product launch that is not carefully planned is the most probably destined to failure. Competitive market with dense and versatile competition leave very little or no space for blind try.

Read More - Posted: Dec 2011

What Happened to Paperless Office?


Why we are still using so many paper in the office and home, despite the advance of IT? Why the paper is still so beloved?

We were told in 80s that papers will soon disappear from our offices and homes, since electronic screens will replace it. But, 90s passed, 00s passed, we stepped into second decade of 21st century and papers are still all around us. Paper didn’t disappear. Even more, we are printing more than ever. Why this happened?

Read More - Posted: Dec 2011

Sales Call Closing Tips


Why is closing of sales call so important? What are the main rules of closing and buying signals of customers?

Closing the sales call requires knowledge of the rules, but some practice as well. Disrespect of closing rules can ruin already agreed order. If you agree and close the sales, but continue to talk, you may irritate the customer and provoke him to change his mind. Therefore, don’t "over sell"...

Read More - Posted: Dec 2011

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