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Exit Interview
How To Apply For A Job
Transfer Of Knowledge
Managing Performance
Staff Turnover and Movement on Positions
Activating The Shopper
Integrated Brand Marketing
Marketing Mix: The Product
Archiving Procedure
Effective Communication
Change Management
Performance Management And Employee Development
Preparing For The Quality Process Audit
Leadership Through 4Cs
Project Management
Long Term Strategies For Increase Of Sales Volume
Short Term Strategies For Increase Of Sales Volume
Closing Excel File After Idle Time
Market Share
Customer Centric Approach
How Can The State Bankrupt?
Management and Managers
Choosing the Right Distribution Model
Is Gold Coming Back?


Short Term Strategies For Increase Of Sales Volume (B)


What are the basic short term startegies for increase of sales volume?

The activities of the company should be focused on the long term strategies for the volume increase, since their give long lasting and sustainable effects. Still, there are moments in the business when the company needs to make quick, effective, short term measures that will give immediate result...

Read More - Posted: Jul 2010

Project Management (E)


What is the project? How to select and justify the project? How to plan and execute the project?

A project is a specific, structured activity with clearly defined objectives, activities and timeframe. A successful project execution requires specific amount of the organization’s resources that will be engaged, in order to achieve the project objectives. Once the project objectives are achieved, the project is considered completed...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2010

Marketing Mix: The Product (B)


What is the role of the Product within the marketing Mix? What are the important aspects that determine the product?

The Marketing Mix is composed of four core components: Product, Price, Promotion and Product Distribution. The product itself is the starting point in creation of marketing mix. Product needs to be designed first in order to have the price determined, promotion designed and product shipped to market. ...

Read More - Posted: Dec 2010

Basic Skills: Managing Performance (E)


What is the role of performance management in business? What are the tips for development of performance management skill?

Managing Performance is the basic skill that is part of the Ability to measure group of basic skills. Managing performance is ability to manage the processes and assess the actual performance versus requirement. Managing performance is crucial for the business, since the activities without adequate output are counterproductive for the company...

Read More - Posted: May 2010

Integrated Brand Marketing (E)


What is the purpose of integrated brand marketing? What is the link between shopper and consumer?

Every marketing activity is touching the brand performance in the market. In most of the cases the impact of brand activations is successful. But still, this result can be more or less successful. The measure of success is comparing regular brand performance versus “enhanced” brand performance, due to the marketing activity...

Read More - Posted: Apr 2010

Long Term Strategies For Increase Of Sales Volume (B)


What are the basic long term strategies for increase of sales volume?

The sales does not goes up or down just by that. The company is managing and directing its sales volume through the portfolio and channels. There are different ways how the company can influence volume increase. The methods that increase volume in the long term are...

Read More - Posted: May 2010


Staff Turnover and Movement on Positions (I)


What is the healthy employee turnover rate? How can movement on positions be a motivator for employees?

Turnover of employees is the change that occurs in every organization. People come and go. The rate of employee turnover is expressed as number of employees that leave versus total number of employees during one year. This rate is expressed as percentage number. The turnover of staff can not be understood simply as positive neither as negative fact...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2010

Performance Management And Employee Development (E)


What is the right approach of manager to performance management? How to encourage performance? How to deal with underperformance?

What is the performance? This term is frequently used in the business and has many interpretations. In essence the performance represents the job well done and achievements according the defined target. The performance management is the relationship between the manager and employee, with the focus on...

Read More - Posted: May 2010

How To Apply For A Job (B)


How to apply for a job? What are the steps during the applying for the job? 

Everybody is potentially person who is looking for the job. The quest for the job is something that almost everybody is doing, usually more than once in the life. Even if you are employed at this moment, you must be aware that one day you may be looking for the job. Changing the job is something that may happen from time to time...

Read More - Posted: Apr 2010

Market Research: Market Share


What is the cause to global trend of price cut? What is the way of coping with this price cut trend?

The goal of every company is to achieve the all business goals. The main goals are sales volume, revenue, profit, etc. One of the most important indicators is the Market Share. The Market Share represent the sales share of the company, expressed by one of several measuring method....

Read More - Posted: Feb 2010

Change Management: Inroduction (E)


Why we need the changes and how we support the changes? How should we initiate, implement and sustain the changes?

Changes are part of contemporary way of living. Some 50 or more years ago, the pace of changes was present, but at much slower rate. A few hundred years ago, there was even less changes. But today the rate of changes is accelerating rapidly in every aspect of our life. In our private life we see the changes every day...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2010

Choosing the Right Distribution Model (I)


There are several logistical methods of supplying product to the market. They rely on different extent of use of 3rd parties.

Logistic function spans the supply from the company to the customer. The product goes through warehouse and distribution system, until it reaches the customer. Company can deliver the product directly, but very often it chooses other types of distribution. The company can use 3rd parties to cover the part of supply chain. There are several different types of distribution of product... 

Read More - Posted: Nov 2010

Exit Interview (I)


What is the purpose of the exit interview? What is the valuable information that the company can obtain with the exit interview? 

Turnover is something that needs to be managed. This is the responsibility of managers and Human Resources department. In order to understand the reason why are the employees leaving, it is necessary to understand their motivation. Most of the modern companies are conducting Exit interviews with employees who leave, in order to understand their motivation for their decision...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2010

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