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Employee Turnover
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Basic Pricing Strategies (E)


What are basic pricing strategies? What is the difference between Cost-based, Competition-based and Value-based pricing?

“Cost-based” pricing: pricing a brand based on achieving a given margin over and above costs of manufacturing, marketing and distribution. Often associated with sales- or production-led organizations; tends to encourage a mechanistic approach to cost control and pricing....

Read More - Posted: Oct 2008

Employee Turnover (E)


What is the Employee Turnover? How it is defined? What is Regretted Turnover?

Employee Turnover is the number of permanent employees leaving the company within the reported period versus the number of actual Active Permanent employees on the last day of the previous reported period (physical headcount)  ...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2008

Marketing Mix - 4Ps(B)


What is the Marketing Mix? What are the levers of Marketing Mix? How to apply the Marketing Mix in Different Situations?

Every company in every market has it's own approach to market. Whether it is good or not, successful or not successful, at the end it is unique. So how can market approach be that different? Simply because there are so many variables in the business...

Read More - Posted Mar 2008

Kaizen – Continuous Process Improvement  (E)


What is the Kaizen? What is the precondition for successful Kaizen? What are the biggest obstacles for Kaizen?

It is said that at one Toyota factory there are million suggestions received from employees every year. So the question is: How the management of the Company can handle so many suggestions? The answer is simple: they do not handle these suggestions...

Read More - Posted: Mar 2008

FMCG Sales Boosting


What is the Impulse Purchase? Why to boost FMCG sales? How to boost it? What is necessary for continuous growth in the sale outlet?

Impulse for purchase can be triggered by clever positioning and merchandising of product within the shopping area of the sale outlet. There are several basic rules for successful positioning in the sale outlet that will initiate the shopping need of consumers, even when they didn't even thought about buying some item...

Read More - Posted: Sep 2008

Effective Time Management (E)


What is the goal of effective Time Management? How to prioritize Tasks? How to plan Tasks in Time?

Why do we need to manage a Time? Although term Time might sound like something that is unlimited and free, since everybody can have it, whether someone is rich or poor, young or old, and having different occupation. But in reality, time is resource as anything else...

Read More - Posted: Jul 2008

Risk Analysis


What is the Risk? What are the methods of Risk evaluation?

The Risk is the part of every business. There is always a chance that something will happen that will change the development of plan. Since the Risk is inevitable companion of the business, it is necessary to manage Risks, in order to prevent negative occurrences and to alleviate consequences, if they appear...

Read More - Posted: Oct 2008

Price Elasticity (E)


What is the Price Elasticity? What are the Functions of Demand and Supply? When is the Price Elasticity different for the same product?

The one of the most basic theory of Economic concerning the definition of the product's "Natural Price" say that the price of the product is at the equilibrium point of Demand and Supply...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008

Porter's Five Forces


What are Porter's 5 Forces? When do we use this model?

The Porter's Five Forces is the analytical management tool used for strategic analysis of the business environment. It is used for development of marketing strategies, business decisions, planning and organization of the Company...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008

Revenue Growth Management (I)


What is the Revenue Growth Management? How it is Managed? How the elements of Marketing Mix influences RGM?

Revenue Growth Management ( RGM ) is the term created in the 70's in the air transport industry. During that period the airline industry was faced with emerging financial crisis caused by permanent increases of oil price. The airliners were forced to invent a new ways of making their business sustainable and profitable. This made them to make improvement in several directions...

Read More - Posted: Feb 2008

Company Mission Statement


What is the Company Mission Statement? What is the relation between Vision Statement and the Company Mission Statement? What does the Company Mission Statement describes?

Mission is something that goes down through the structure of the company. Therefore, iti si recommended to develop the Missions for the level of every department...

Read More - Posted: Jan 2008

SWOT Analysis


What is the SWOT analysis? When can we use SWOT analysis? What questions are the best to be used during SWOT analysis?

SWOT Analysis is the management tool, which is used for strategic analysis of current and future position of the company, as well as assistance in decision making...

Read More - Posted Feb 2008

Vision Statement


What is the Vision? What does it represent? Why do you need the compass on your journey?

The Vision is the place or state WHERE the company, profitable or non profitable, sport club, association of people of same interest or any individual want to be in mid to long term...

Read More - Posted: Jan 2008


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