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Employee Performance Appraisal (E)


What is the Employee Performance Appraisal? What is the Employee Performance Appraisal Cycle? What are Core and Functional Skills?

Appraisal of employee is the periodical process of reviewing his/her performance in specific areas versus predefined standards. This appraisal is initiated, supervised and collected by HR, but essentially is conducted by supervisor with his subordinate...

Read More - Posted: Nov 2007

Key Performance Indicators - KPIs (E)


How do you assign responsibility for result? What is the Key Business Indicator? What are definitions of KPI? What is the Route Cause Analysis?

Once the team has identified his internal/external clients, identified what is their job and formulised the Team Mission ( way of doing job ), it is time to employ the team, to give him a task and to measure them and evaluate...

Read More - Posted: Nov 2007

Product Positioning and Merchandising in the Sale Outlet (I)


What is the good position of product in sale outlet? How much space the product should be given? What is the successful Merchandising in sale outlet?

Positioning and Merchandising in the sale outlet are a part of a process of presenting the product to the consumers. Good positioning in the sale outlet is the key of the success in selling the product. It is important to understand that not all locations within sale outlet are good for the specific product... 

Read More - Posted: Nov 2007

About Business Performance Management System (E)


How do you transfer your Vision into your Strategy? How do you transfer your Strategy into Objectives? How do you assign Responsibility for Result?

Every organization, whether profit or non-profit, has it's own Vision, meaning a destination place or state where an organization wants to be. To be able to achieve a Vision destination, an organization has to conduct it's Mission that will bring them to their Vision. In order to conduct their Mission every organisation has to have developed Strategy that will enable organisation to conduct Mission that will lead them o their destination – a Vision...

Read More - Posted: Nov 2007

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